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Voyage is an atmospheric film, both day and night, oscillating between being awake and dreaming. Mainly shot in black and white we encounter a young man on his way home, a lonesome urban cowboy. Enigmatic impressions of a young woman emerge past, present, future? The song "Take me away" from the CouchPoets' forthcoming new CD accompanies the melancholy of the pictures. The movie was shot at various locations throughout Zurich between February and July 2007.

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Production/Direction/Script: Andreas Ess, Raphael Höver
Camera/Cut: Raphael Höver
Actors: Adam Lorincz, Elvan Kut
Music: CouchPoets (Andreas Ess, Bernhard Haid, Julia Kaufmann, Jim McCarty, Randy Landas)

Our sincere Thanks go to:
The actors (Natascha Forresti, Nico Hotz, Stefan Saur, Tobias Jäggli, Robert Seelos, Denise Piaz, Tamas Kovacs, Christian Bacs, Ruth Steinmann, Tobias Gysi), Hotel Central, STA Travel.